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Why Kothari?
Kothari Petrochemicals brings you an unmatched combination of quality and service. The assurance of India's largest polybutene manufacturing facility, and a global clientele reputed for stringent standards.
» Dependability in supply: With multiple C4 suppliers (a key component of polybutene manufacturing), we are able to ensure consistency in our production, unlike most competitors with a single supplier
» Quality: We have a fully equipped Quality control Lab and Qualified people to demonstrate PDCA cycle. We are committed to investing in our R&D and Technical Service group, and as a result, our product quality continues to surpass internationally recognized standards.
» Ideal logistics for fast delivery: We are within 15 kilometers of one of the largest ports in South Asia, and able to dispatch our product quickly and efficiently
» Flexibility for our customers: We can provide a wide range of packaging: ISO containers, drums, palletization and different types of drums. We are prepared to deliver polybutene as you require.
» International recognition: With our international management team, global perspective on the market, and quality that is recognized worldwide, we are counted among the market leaders across the globe. We employ Six Sigma® and Kaizen to implement continuous improvement and innovation in our operational processes. We are certified for ISO 9000 / ISO 14000 International Standards.
» Technical support: Our team in India and Europe is ready to answer questions and provide support to you as you consider utilizing polybutene, or after you purchase polybutene.
» Market leader: We are the largest producer of polybutenes in India, with the best technical talent and strategic advantages over our competition.
» A newly commissioned plant: Our existing plant complex in Manali, India, with state of the art facility that allows us to produce top-quality polybutene.
» Sales service focused on you: Our global sales & marketing team prepares perfect documentation to meet your unique needs, and is standing by to assist you as we deliver your product in an expeditious manner
» For Our European Customers: Kothari Petrochemicals is making all efforts to be fully compliant with REACH legislation in Europe so that its customers can continue to use KVIS without any concern. The process for pre-registering, appointment of only representative and subsequent stages in the REACH compliance are in active progress.
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