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KVIS is the trade name of polybutene produced by Kothari Petrochemicals. KVIS is a linear polymer of isobutylene of different molecular weights, and possesses excellent resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation. Polybutene is chemically inert, hydrophobic and impermeable to water vapour or gas.

The KVIS is a synthetic liquid polymer, which is a straight chain hydrocarbon structure of polybutene that is produced in a variety of grades through a rigid low temperature polymerization process. It is derived from raw material consisting of mainly Isobutylene. The compact straight chain structure results in brilliant moisture and barrier properties and is soluble in a wide range of organic solvents.

All KVIS grades are colourless (water white), non-staining and have little or no odour and are mostly used in applications where low temperature flexibility is a requirement.

Polybutene belongs to the group of viscous and non-drying liquid polymers. The grades vary from somewhat viscous oil to a very viscous liquid and with a degree of tackiness that is on the higher side. All these unique characteristics and its compatibility with a wide range of organic materials augment the performance properties of a wide range of products in various industries, and have made it one of the most sought after product in the world. Being virtually non-toxic and non-phytotoxic only adds value.

Depending on our customers’ needs, Kothari Petrochemicals polybutene can be shipped in 185 kg drums (open or closed) and can be transported either in truck or steam heatable ISO containers.

Please contact our technical experts for further clarifications on suitability of the product for your applications.



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